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Serving Counties of Riverside, Orange, LA and San Bernadino

Air Conditioning Service

Air conditioning systems don't work forever, but you can extend their service life with regular maintenance. Give us a call and we can help fix problems that appear over the course of your air conditioning systems use.

Even if you don't suspect any problems from your air conditioner you should still have annual service checks to make sure your system stay running at peak condition. This can help with multiple problems that your air conditioner may have, such as poor air flow and dust collection by your system or uneven cooling between rooms. At the end of the day, however, air conditioning repair is something that will likely be needed at some point if and when your air conditioner stops working.

When your air conditioner breaks down our professional HVAC specialists are ready to save you from the heat.  There many things that can cause problems with your air conditioner.  We can help whether it's dirt buildup on the condensing coil, low refrigerant, or even an electrical problem in the system. Air Conditioners are very complicated equipment to most people, but we know them inside and out. Don't hesitate to call BWR Heating and Cooling when your air conditioner needs repair or servicing.