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Serving Counties of Riverside, Orange, LA and San Bernadino

Trane Air Conditioning

A leader in home climate control, Trane goes above and beyond when delivering cool air in the Southern California heat. At BWR Heating and Cooling Inc., we’ve spent over 14 years fixing AC units all over Norco and surrounding areas. The feedback we’ve received has shaped our equipment selection, so you know every Trane air conditioner we carry is capable of withstanding the strain. At Trane they invest in long-lasting cooling solutions with a unit from Trane Corporation.

Trane AC Installation and Replacement in Norco, Corona and Riverside.

Installing a Trane air conditioning system takes more than basic knowledge. Just selecting the right unit requires experience repairing and replacing many units. Do you know which brands stand up to the excess stress of California’s climate? Trane does. Do you know which models perform the best or are most energy efficient? Trane is! BWR Heating and Cooling Inc. knows! You can trust BWR Heating and Cooling Inc. to put that knowledge to work by helping you make the best decision for your budget.

Your BWR Heating and Cooling Inc. shopping experience won’t stop at model or brand. You need help accurately determining the cooling needs of your property. There’s more to consider than square footage or the number of rooms or stories in your home Trane helps us with that. Ask one of our Trane team members for help in choosing the right Trane air conditioning unit for your home.

Proper installation is key to taking advantage of all your AC’s features. Mistakes made at this stage lead to years of performance issues with Trane equipment. Hire an experienced, insured crew to install or replace your Trane air conditioning unit. At BWR Heating and Cooling Inc. we do the job right the first time.


Trane HVAC Maintenance and Repairs

Our Trane HVAC technicians are top-notch. Schedule a service call once every season or enroll in our affordable Trane air conditioning maintenance plans. With a small investment, you will:

  • Reduce the strain on your system
  • Extend the life of your air conditioner
  • Lower your energy usage
  • Lower your monthly bills
  • Feel more comfortable all season long

The process is simple. Schedule a maintenance call for your Trane air conditioning. A BWR Heating and Cooling Inc. HVAC technician will perform a thorough inspection. Any excess wear or other warning signs will be noted. Avoid the risk of surprise breakdowns by having repairs done right away. After the inspection, your unit’s components will be lubed, tightened, and cleaned for optimal performance. Per Trane Mfg. specs.


Discover the BWR Heating and Cooling Inc. Difference

After nearly 2 decades of performing high-quality installations, maintenance and repairs in the area, we know what it takes to deliver top-notch results for Trane customers. At BWR Heating and Cooling Inc. we’ve put together an impressive selection of the top HVAC equipment in the business. Why? Because our customers deserve the best. You’ll also find our fleet of repair vehicles fully stocked and ready to roll out whenever a Trane air conditioning is in need of a check-up.

Whether you need to improve the performance of your current Trane system or you’d like to upgrade to a Trane, we’re fully capable of handling Trane air conditioning needs.


Give us a call today at 951-377-6333 to schedule a service or to discover your options with a beautiful Trane system.